Jack in the green

This is just a little quick recording of a song I wrote last year after a muddled dream with snatches of old english folklore in it.

It’s much prettier than the last song!

Pretty sweet


Pottering around on the guitar. Apologies for the quality, a combination of cheap phone, cheap computer and incompetent musician.

Maybe one day someone will come along and cover all my songs and make them awesome )

I was reading about how difficult it is to get housing and remembering back to being homeless for a few months and dependent on the kindness of friends.

Chords A,E, A, E, A, E, Bb, F# for the verse and D, F#, D, E A, E

Do you imagine you could be happy in an 18 bedroom stately home?
Do you imagine you could be happy or would iot all go wrong, slipping through your hands?
Look around you everybody’s dancing, you want to join in but you can’t feel the beat.
You wait too long and they drift away and leave you
Bitter sweet on an empty street

You want to find an answer but you’ve wandered far from home,
Your shoes are falling off your weary feet.
You’re looking for a place to rest your sad and weary bones but you’re left
Bitter sweet, you’re still on that empty street.

Yet again you’re feeling disconnected, you wander around this dirty town.
There are miles and miles of faceless houses with their doors shut and the curtains drawn

But even though you’re far from home you’ve never needed more
You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to greet.
Someday you’ll be walking through your own front door and it’ll be
Pretty sweet.
Bitter sweet.