Feline Utopia…

I first became aware of the Moreton Rd cats about 18 month ago when I started seeing black and white cats in the back garden – first one and then several. I started leaving out cabin window open and putting some biscuits out in cold weather. The cats were very shy, but the biscuits were always gone in the morning..

Last month, Cats Protection League put a note through the door asking for help with a colony of stray cats about to be displaced by building works (knocking down an old industrial estate and woods at the end of the road to build houses). I hadn’t realised that they were all feral.

So now I’m feeding 7 cats and any donations would be gratefully recieved so I can buy them an insulated shed to live in and some decent quality food. If we get more money than we need, I’ll donate the extra to Cat’s Protection League.

If I win the lottery, I’m going to buy that industrial estate and turn it into a cat sanctuary 😀

Here are some of the visitors I was able to photograph..


I’ll draw cartoon updates for those who donate, to let you know how things are going for Lightning and the rest of the Moreton Road cats.

Please send any donations to FelineUtopia@gmail.com by PayPal.

Space cats

Here’s what I’ve been working on today – gel, indian ink and alcohol pens on purple card.

More drawings

Drawings for my friend’s album sleeve. I don’t know if he likes them yet!


spike band plague dogs

we are the bad guys 1

All of the band pictures so far

I know I’m posting too much tonight – just really enjoying doing these pictures.

Montage!montage 2

Band pictures #3

spike airframe test with man 2

Crusty girl

Little biro sketch, tidied in GIMP, vectorised using edge detect in inkscape.

crusty girl

Band art

spike band montage

I’m trying out some ideas for the sleeve booklet of my friend’s album.. it’s really fun, he’s given me some interesting concepts to play with.

Town Hall(s)


Town Hall(s)

Things you might see in Luton:
If, whilst passing the current, imposing marble town hall with the verdigris roof and tasteful neon blue glowing clock, you happened to see a hooded figure with the power to open portals into the past.. you might be priviledged to watch the gentle townsfolk of Luton burning down their old town hall on 19th July 1919, to celebrate “Peace Day”. (Or rather, to protest against the apalling living standards returning soldiers and their families were subjected to)

Not satisfied with burning down the hall and chasing the cowardly councillors, some enterprising soul dragged a piano into the street and played “keep the home fires burning”.

You can say what you like about Luton folk, but they certainly have a sense of humour.

When the town hall was rebuild 20 years later, they made it out of stone.


Zombie Shopper


Zombie Shopper

Continuing the theme “people you might see in Luton” is this delightful zombie shopper. You almost certainly will see more than one Zombie Shopper in Luton Mall, formerly known and still fondly referred to as the “Arndale Centre”. For some reason, you’re more likely to encounter a Zombie Shopper when you’re in a rush. You can see the bruises where people have been ramming them with their trolleys to get past.

Patriotic Pete


Patriotic Pete

Continuing my series of “people you might meet in Luton”, here is Patriotic Pete. Is he a member of the BNP or just a cheery enthusiast of middle England? We might never know.