Art update

Here’s what I’ve been making this weekend..

Ghosts of birds..

I’ve been busy making these for #lutonalternativemarket..

Creature Paisley

paisley creatures coloured

I’ve got a bit of a thing about paisley at the moment.. I think this would make nice wrapping paper.

Pencil sketch, scanned in and then printed out so I could colour over the top with alcohol markers.

Here’s the black and white version, if you know anyone who likes colouring..

paisley creatures bw


snowman blue

Once you get started drawing with these markers, they’re kindof addictive – freehand drawing of snowman in black pilot pen and generic alcohol markers

Blue bird


Simple little freehand bird drawing, with alcohol marker


I am going through doodles I made in my notebook while I’m in meetings, and scanning them in to colour them in GIMP. This one is even tinier than the budgie – it fit in two lines on my notebook.

owl tiny colouredowl tiny


Little biro sketch (an inch high) processed and coloured in GIMP. I almost like him better blank!


“Budgerigar” is an odd word, isn’t it!

budgie colour transparent

budgie unprocessed

Last lot of little pictures

I’ve just scanned in the most recent page of little pictures.. hope you like them!

That might be me all painted out for a couple of weeks now 🙂






Sketch from photo, using a dip pen and Quink black ink, shaded with a fine paintbrush and the same ink, diluted.

I was frustrated none of my paintings seemed to be working out this afternoon but I managed this just before I went to bed. Despite the best effort of the cat, who loves ink and brushes.

The eagle eyed might notice I’ve signed it “bekki” which is my actual, you know, name 🙂