New products for sale!

I’m very pleased to announce a new set of cards and sculptures for sale – if you want to buy, PayPal and use the comments to tell me what you want.

£3 each or £22 for any 10 cards inc UK postage (contact me for shipping prices)

Also leather cthulus and ghost birds- £12 each inc. UK postage.

Modular Cat Howse

Inspired by

Pencil on A3modular cat howse2

Super paisley

I think I’m getting the hang of this now.

paisley pattern 1 tile 2 bwpaisley pattern 1 tile 2 wm

Paisley stars!

star paisleystar paisley2

That’s the other thing I’ve been doing this weekend… I was looking in to getting these printed on fabric but custom print fabric is REALLY expensive!


Lorraine bought me a big book of paisley and I have been inspired!

First I drew a doodle. I had to trace over it with gel pen to make it neat enough. Then I scanned it in and put it through inkscape to vectorise:

paisley 4

coloured paisley4 patternI used inkscape to fill in the gaps with colour – this was a bit of an accident, I was trying to get it to pick up the outline, but it wouldn’t. However my accident looks pretty good I think! I can imagine this printed on fabric..

Hello Lorraine!

little kitty fish

I just got notification that Lorraine is following my blog. Hello Lorraine! Here is a whimsical cat I drew for you xxxxx

Freebies skeleton trees

skeleton tree cardskeleton tree card inside

Last week I passed 200 followers, which is lovely, since I don’t post that often. Thank you everyone. I also got delivery of these little note cards featuring my skeleton trees.

So to celebrate, if you leave a comment here or email me at, I’ll send out a pack of notecards and postcards to the first 5 people 🙂

girl card 1    goat postcard front ravenpostcardfront1

political Christmas card

Our local MP’s office saw my blog and asked me to design a Christmas card. It got printed and sent out to all the other MPs and local businesses. They didn’t offer to pay… (because he is a socialist?) but that’s OK. It was a pretty cool thing to do. Here’s the picture.. it’s Market Hill in Luton town centre. You can see the court building, and the little white building in the middle is one of our favourite pubs, the Castle, which has metal bands. You can also see the dental studio where I had the horrific experience that inspired this song...

market hill watercolour 3

Here’s the card (he sent me one)  – see the little House of Commons portcullis logo? 😀

gavin shinsideuker christmas card gavin shuker christmas card


My good friend and businesswoman Lady Palava has started a small venture using art from myself and a couple of other designers on tshirts, bags etc. I have ordered a couple myself and they’re pretty good quality.

space-bunnies-uncoloured_design encyclopedia-tee-carrion-crow_design castle-head_design

Please message/email me to let me know what you think. If you like the designs but you don’t like spreadshirt, let us know your favourites and we might get some printed with a different company.

If you place an order at Randomesque, email me with your address, letting me know, and I’ll post you a goodybag of postcards, badges, stickers and message cards of our designs for free to say thank you 🙂

New postcard designs

I haven’t sent these off to be made yet, but what do you think?

girl card 1