Little paintings


I’m doing a stall at sunshine riding school’s Mayday fete – here are some little paintings I did for it..

Hello Lorraine!

little kitty fish

I just got notification that Lorraine is following my blog. Hello Lorraine! Here is a whimsical cat I drew for you xxxxx

Creature Paisley

paisley creatures coloured

I’ve got a bit of a thing about paisley at the moment.. I think this would make nice wrapping paper.

Pencil sketch, scanned in and then printed out so I could colour over the top with alcohol markers.

Here’s the black and white version, if you know anyone who likes colouring..

paisley creatures bw

Fish eat fish


fish eat fish

Playing with the alcohol felt pens again.. this time I’ve done the outlines with a gel pen, after the ink has dried.

felt pen fish


fish 2

I really like how this turned out.. it was such a simple doodle with the black pen but then layering on the colours and using the white pen to highlight and blend it has worked really well. It’s shown blown up here so you can see the colours but actually it’s only 2 inches tall.

You can see how well the blend pen works with the little hearts.. I went roundthe outside with blue and used the blender to pull the colour out.

I’ve framed this one to sell.. I hope people like it!



bear fishing

I’ve been drawing lots of bears recently! Here is a picture of a sad bear fishing. Inks (outline is dip pen with indian ink)

more ink sketches from last night


Even more little cards

Lst lot for today.. you can see I have a problem with the black smudging..

The horse is inspired by James Baxter 🙂




cat and mouse