Swallowtail caterpillar


caterpillar swallowtail

Felt pen and gel pen, no post processing.

I think he looks a bit like a storm trooper..

Friendly evolution


friendly evolution

I am sure this is not quite how it happened ..

ink, feltpen, gel pen, and retouching in GIMP

Chicken and fox


chicken and fox

Alcohol pen and gel pen

Fish eat fish


fish eat fish

Playing with the alcohol felt pens again.. this time I’ve done the outlines with a gel pen, after the ink has dried.




Ink and acrylic – following my time honoured technique of “if you can’t think of anything to draw, make some splodges and draw over them with gel pen, the shapes are bound to suggest something to you.”

Ink sketch


Ink sketch

I doodle a lot but they don’t often come out looking this good! It took two gel pens to finish 🙂 (You can see I have run it thorugh GIMP and whacked up the threshold so you can’t see the lines where I shaded the blocks in – the actual sketch is not so neat.)

I really enjoyed tesallating the images – thinking about what each shape suggested to me and fitting it in neatly.

This took me 3 hours while I was working on a local election – we were in a polling office where nobody was interested in local democracy apart from about three old ladies!