Little paintings


I’m doing a stall at sunshine riding school’s Mayday fete – here are some little paintings I did for it..

New Blog

Hello – I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much..

I have a new blog about my current obsession (permaculture) here:

If anyone would like to add me I’d be really grateful!


Here are some drawings I did over Christmas – hopefully I’ll do some more soon..

More drawings

Drawings for my friend’s album sleeve. I don’t know if he likes them yet!


spike band plague dogs

we are the bad guys 1

Dragon Pony Elephant..


No return

no return

Here’s another one of the images I am making for my friend’s album.. this is for a song called “no return”

Band picture

I’ve done nine out of twelve of the pictures for my friend’s album booklet now..  this is a song about a rubbish radio station.

5live vector

Band picture 4

operations research

All of the band pictures so far

I know I’m posting too much tonight – just really enjoying doing these pictures.

Montage!montage 2

Band pictures #3

spike airframe test with man 2