Ampthill sunset

silver birch trio white

Another picture from my walk in the snow yesterday.

I’d like to say I designed it like this to show time passing and the air becoming chill as I walked slowly up the hill, paused, and waited for the sun to set before walking back. But you know I just tinkered with it because I thought it looked boring without the split.

This is just a photo, with some editing in GIMP… I have a plan to recreate something similar as a sort of stained glass window – maybe I can vectorise the trees and print them out and then use a scalpel to cut them out of black paper to get around the fact I have never been able to draw them convincingly – there’s just a natural flow and energy to the branches that I can’t replicate with a pencil,

Here’s the picture I took it from. Nature is rather more beautiful on its own than my efforts.

silver birch photo

Swallowtail caterpillar


caterpillar swallowtail

Felt pen and gel pen, no post processing.

I think he looks a bit like a storm trooper..

Friendly evolution


friendly evolution

I am sure this is not quite how it happened ..

ink, feltpen, gel pen, and retouching in GIMP

Little lion

little lion background
little lion


rat  colour

I like rats.


I am going through doodles I made in my notebook while I’m in meetings, and scanning them in to colour them in GIMP. This one is even tinier than the budgie – it fit in two lines on my notebook.

owl tiny colouredowl tiny

Spiders: Harder to draw than you’d think!

I had a terrible time with these spiders, trying to get them to look realistic. Then just when I’d finished, the cat walked over my sketchpad, and I had to post-process to remove all the cat hairs.

brown widow spider

This is a brown widow spider. In the picture it looked like a little jewel.


This is a Mouse Spider. It looks like a little armoured tank!




This was a pencil sketch I did years ago which I found in an old sketchbook and scanned in. I was trying to get the effect of chalk on coloured paper – I colourised the drawing to dark green and used dodge and burn to make shadows and highlights. I really like how it’s turned out.

(This is all done on GIMP, which is open source, ie free – I can’t afford photoshop!)