Little paintings


I’m doing a stall at sunshine riding school’s Mayday fete – here are some little paintings I did for it..

Tiny house on hillside

Alcohol marker on cheap canvas


170412 house picture2


I habe been fascinated with the old ladies who remained near Chenobyl when everyone else left and lived these independent lives in the wilderness doing everything themselves. Looking at the source pictures their faces  are so weathered and strong and determined, their bodies sturdy under no-nonsense dresses.


Painting again

I suddenly had the urge to paint again after several months – I’m a bit rusty and can spot several flaws with this, but overall I like it!


New Blog

Hello – I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much..

I have a new blog about my current obsession (permaculture) here:

If anyone would like to add me I’d be really grateful!


Here are some drawings I did over Christmas – hopefully I’ll do some more soon..

elder gods

elder god

I was feeling creative yesterday – this started off as acrylic painted onto a canvas, with more detail added with inks.

This technique is working well for me – I love the textures you get with acrylic and the way you can almost mould it with a palette knife  – but I struggle with control and subtlety as the cheap acrylics I can afford tend to clump and are too bright and plasticcy – it’s very had to get any sort of natural warmth from them.

Using inks on top of the acrylics (a mixture of windsor and newton and quink) is a good way to bring a bit more depth and detali in – you can of course use a really fine brush or dip pen with the inks, and they have a better quality of colour – less “new” looking.

I may have gone a bit overboard with the gold ink, but I wanted my elder god to look shiny!

Shop 33

This is a little plug for our independent local art shop


Shop 33 sits in the “bohemian” quarter of Luton, in a narrow Victorian building.

It’s lovingly curated by Anthony and Chelsea –  the most eclectic collection of paintings, cards, music, models, books, soft furnishings and hats.

Everything is made by local artists. Some evenings when you pop in they’re having vinyl parties or poetry readings or accoustic acts. Other times they’re just chatting with whoever has dropped in.

Luton’s not generally known for being the nicest place to live. Half of the residents would headbutt you as soon as look at you.  I can’t tell you how lovely it is to have somewhere friendly and arty to sell our creative dabblings.




The lovely Anthony sharing a moment with local artist and grungy noise merchant Chris Flexy



All the pretties 🙂 (some of which you can buy online)




Spiders: Harder to draw than you’d think!

I had a terrible time with these spiders, trying to get them to look realistic. Then just when I’d finished, the cat walked over my sketchpad, and I had to post-process to remove all the cat hairs.

brown widow spider

This is a brown widow spider. In the picture it looked like a little jewel.


This is a Mouse Spider. It looks like a little armoured tank!




Ink and acrylic – following my time honoured technique of “if you can’t think of anything to draw, make some splodges and draw over them with gel pen, the shapes are bound to suggest something to you.”