70s paisley

We used to have wallpaper very much like this. Everyone hated it ūüôā

brown paisley

Chicken and fox


chicken and fox

Alcohol pen and gel pen



bear fishing

I’ve been drawing lots of bears recently! Here is a picture of a sad bear fishing. Inks (outline is dip pen with indian ink)

Little horse


Ink sketch of horse. I’m experimenting with different types of paper. This is¬† on a pad of treated¬†paper meant for acrylics -it’s pressed with tiny diamond shapes to simulate a canvas; the ink behaves and doesn’t blot everywhere but then you don’t get the awesome marbling effects from it running unchecked. And if you look losely you can still see the tiny diamonds!



Ink pencils?



My friend Rachel dropped in this evening and brought her ink pencils with her. They are a lot like watercolour pencils, but thye’re a bit better behaved and brighter. You draw with them as you would a normal coloured pencil, but then you can use a brush and water to tease the colours out. They’re quite fun and solve the problem of ink blots.

Here’s my first attempt – a bear.


(These are the ones Rachel has: http://www.pencils.co.uk/product.aspx?mid=718

They’re over ¬£20 a pack so I think I’ll be waiting until Christmas before I get any for myself!)

Little lion

little lion background
little lion


I am going through doodles I made in my notebook while I’m in meetings, and scanning them in to colour them in GIMP. This one is even tinier than the budgie – it fit in two lines on my notebook.

owl tiny colouredowl tiny