Ghosts of birds..

I’ve been busy making these for #lutonalternativemarket..

New Christmas cards..


I’ve got some new cards available to buy… £2.50 each 🙂 Market Hill  and High Town in Luton, and a small girl with decapitated bear x


Alternative Markets

..A couple of weeks ago we went to the Northampton Alternative Bring and Buy market,. which was brilliant. I sold a lot of art, and I came home with some amazing little beasts from Spooky Doof creations and Pins and Needles

Here are a few of the bits I sold..


Anyway it went so well and was so much fun that we decided to do our own version in Luton on 3rd December.. still a couple of stalls available..


luton alternative market - Edited

Shrunken zombie heads and magic mushrooms


shrunken head 1

shrunken head 3

shrunken head 2


Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet this week – I was working on these, but didn’t want to post anything until they were finished.

purple flower girl


girl with flower purple

First drawing with the special alcohol felt pens

felt pens!


felt pens!

I read a post recently about copic pens, and looking into them I was really excited – professional illustrators alcohol based felt pens that you can do a solid block of colour with and blend like inks.

I looked on amazon and they were about £5 each. There was a kit of about 400 of them that cost £1600! eek. I decided it would be an expensive habit and I shouldn’t get any.

Then today i wandered into “the works” (which is a discount stationers and bookshop) and found that they had something very similar available for 99p per pen! The joy!

Here they are if anyone else wants to get some:

New postcard designs

I haven’t sent these off to be made yet, but what do you think?

girl card 1




Last lot of little pictures

I’ve just scanned in the most recent page of little pictures.. hope you like them!

That might be me all painted out for a couple of weeks now 🙂






Sketch from photo, using a dip pen and Quink black ink, shaded with a fine paintbrush and the same ink, diluted.

I was frustrated none of my paintings seemed to be working out this afternoon but I managed this just before I went to bed. Despite the best effort of the cat, who loves ink and brushes.

The eagle eyed might notice I’ve signed it “bekki” which is my actual, you know, name 🙂

More little cards


I drew these with idea of adding gold leaf to them as highlights – but gold leaf is a lot harder to use than I expected! I was expecting it to rub on like letraset but you need to glue it on and it’s so fragile .. I can’t imagine being able to neatly draw starts etc at this scale. I’ve bought some gold ink instead but it hasn’t arrived yet!


dancing dog

cathedral cat