New pictures

Art deco inspired horse, and paisley colouring pattern – both in biro and sharpie on white card. Colours in alcohol pen.

rainbow horsepaisley bird

This week I have mostly been drawing paisley (which you can see later) and writing little songs. Also I have been making the drum tracks myself by hitting random objects with biros.

This one is about the interesting, cockney-rhyming-slang phrases people use for bingo, which amuse me

and this one is about men showing you their hairy chests, uninvited.

Elder god?


Biro sketch, scanned in and vectorised using Gimp and Inkscape free software

Band pictures #3

spike airframe test with man 2

Cthulu mermaid reading an e-book

cthulu maid

Weirdly specific drawing #30492

Whale blimp

LIttle biro sketch on notepapers, into GIMP to tidy it up and then into inkscape to vector using edge detect. I’m getting quicker at it!

whale blimp vector

Crusty girl

Little biro sketch, tidied in GIMP, vectorised using edge detect in inkscape.

crusty girl


coulour bunnies

Some more silliness.



Here is another sketch, in biro on a cheap lined notepad. I used GIMP to make it greyscale and the threshold tool to remove the lines.

There’s a website called which let me vectorise it for free – but it only lets you do a couple and then you have to pay. Oh Inkscape, why aren’t you easier to use?


Sorry I haven’t posted for a long time.

Have some kitties:


Biro on a notepad, tidied up using GIMP

I am trying to figure out how to vectorise an image using inkscape and Gimp and keep getting stuck when I try to follow the tutorials, does anyone have any tips? Does it need to be on a transparency?