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Here is a big compilation of all the art I’ve done in the last 5 years. If you want to use any of it, or you would like something similar, then contact me .. I’m cheap šŸ™‚


I habe been fascinated with the old ladies who remained near Chenobyl when everyone else left and lived these independent lives in the wilderness doing everything themselves. Looking at the source pictures their facesĀ  are so weathered and strong and determined, their bodies sturdy under no-nonsense dresses.


Painting again

I suddenly had the urge to paint again after several months – I’m a bit rusty and can spot several flaws with this, but overall I like it!


New Blog

Hello – I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much..

I have a new blog about my current obsession (permaculture) here:

If anyone would like to add me I’d be really grateful!


Here are some drawings I did over Christmas – hopefully I’ll do some more soon..



OK this s a bit silly. I’m not 100% sure what I was trying to do here. However it was really, really fun to do, and it’s going up on my wall (but upstairs, where visitors won’t see it!)

acrylic on canvas, background is QUINK ink wash and detail in gold and blue ink.

elder gods

elder god

I was feeling creative yesterday – this started off as acrylic painted onto a canvas, with more detail added with inks.

This technique is working well for me – I love the textures you get with acrylic and the way you can almost mould it with a palette knifeĀ  – but I struggle with control and subtlety as the cheap acrylics I can afford tend to clump and are too bright and plasticcy – it’s very had to get any sort of natural warmth from them.

Using inks on top of the acrylics (a mixture of windsor and newton and quink) is a good way to bring a bit more depth and detali in – you can of course use a really fine brush or dip pen with the inks, and they have a better quality of colour – less “new” looking.

I may have gone a bit overboard with the gold ink, but I wanted my elder god to look shiny!



bear fishing

I’ve been drawing lots of bears recently! Here is a picture of a sad bear fishing. Inks (outline is dip pen with indian ink)

Little horse


Ink sketch of horse. I’m experimenting with different types of paper. This isĀ  on a pad of treatedĀ paper meant for acrylics -it’s pressed with tiny diamond shapes to simulate a canvas; the ink behaves and doesn’t blot everywhere but then you don’t get the awesome marbling effects from it running unchecked. And if you look losely you can still see the tiny diamonds!






Ink and acrylic – following my time honoured technique of “if you can’t think of anything to draw, make some splodges and draw over them with gel pen, the shapes are bound to suggest something to you.”

Dryad in the morning sun



Painted with cheap acrylics (I think, although they look more like gouache now) and soft pencil. I’m not very good at drawing breasts though!

I found this in the same sketchbook as the lightning one I think I was going through a bit of a nature phase.

I really like how her face came out. She looks really peaceful. A bit of a contrast from the last picture!