Paisley stars!

star paisleystar paisley2

That’s the other thing I’ve been doing this weekend… I was looking in to getting these printed on fabric but custom print fabric is REALLY expensive!

Star flower

OK I am maybe getting a bit obsessed with the paisley now and should stop and read a book or something. You have to admit it’s pretty though. I like a that it’s so organic, and although there are recurring shapes you see in commercial patterns it’s really creative and not at all restrictive – except you have to be neat or it doesn’t work at all..

paisley starflower wallpaper

There was a book called “The Owl Service” by Alan Garner, which I read when I was young and it haunted me. A girl on her own in the attic of a dark house, compulsively tracing the owl patterns on an old plate, waiting for something terrible to happen..

Paisley wrap

paisley wrapping

I’m getting really into paisley today..

Universal indicator experiment

I bought a red cabbage and when I was cooking, it turned the water blue.. which reminded me of an experiment we did at school.. the juice from the cabbage has an interesting property – it turns red in the presence of an acid and blue in the presence of an alkali.

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Skeleton trees


I went for a walk today in Ampthill and found some trees.. Silver birches are so beautiful.

Jack o’lantern, skull and bunny

bunny skull jack

I was stuck for something to draw.. so here are some items from our front room.

Blue bear

blue bear

Blue bear is happy! Where is he going? Nobody knows!


snowman blue

Once you get started drawing with these markers, they’re kindof addictive – freehand drawing of snowman in black pilot pen and generic alcohol markers

Blue bird


Simple little freehand bird drawing, with alcohol marker

Blue ..

blue lady