Space cats

Here’s what I’ve been working on today – gel, indian ink and alcohol pens on purple card.

tipsy girl


girl dancing

experiment with felt pens

Postcards for sale

I’ve got some postcards printed of my goat design..

They’re going to be £5.00 for 10 (plus postage)Image



Cute aren’t they! They should be ready in two weeks, I can’t wait!

Weasel with a machinegun


Weasel with a machinegun

Ink sketch, scanned in and coloured on GIMP. A bit childish really.. GO, WEASEL, GO!

More little ink sketchs

I’ve been off sick and unable to concentrate on anything much. Little sketches are easy though!


I love my poor stupid chicken design.


I think I will turn these into cards..



Long ago comics


Hello there,

I haven’t drawn anything new this week (i have creative periods and then other times when all i want to do is curl up with a glas of wine and read).

So I thought I’d look back through my old pictures and find something interesting to share. I draw this on an old square paper pad, in biro, ten years ago while living in a rat infested one bedroom flat in London. I had the best job I’d ever had but even then London was so expensive I didn’t have much left after I got paid. I was also trying to do my teacher training at Midlands University (how did I ever think i would manage that and a full time job?)

Clearly it sent me a little loopy!

This little cartoon is also in one of my books – Miscellany of Oddities. Maybe one day I will write the rest of it!