bear fishing

I’ve been drawing lots of bears recently! Here is a picture of a sad bear fishing. Inks (outline is dip pen with indian ink)



octopus purple TIDY

I drew this with a dip pen and purple ink, and coloured it with a wash and drops of turquoise.

I had to tidy this up a lot in GIMP because of the ink bleeding into the paper though – I think this cheap watercolour paper is a false economy! Next payday i shall be visiting a proper art shop.




I like whales.




I’ve always had a soft spot for goats. There were miniature pygmy goats when we went on holiday. I wanted to take one home.

This is just indian ink and diluted quink black ink. You can see the browns and purples coming out of the black.. we did a chromatography experiment like this when I was in primary school.

iguana and tiger



Quick sketches done last night.

The indian ink is a bit harder to use in the dip pen than the quink drawing ink, it bleeds into the paper unless you move the pen really quickly which doesn’t give you much time to be accurate. It makes everything look like a Quentin Blake picture. I need to experiment with different paper and maybe buy some other nibs for the dip pen.


I love the colours of the inks though – I bought an acrylic “process yellow” by Daler Rowney and it’s thicker, like a paint. When I mix it with the red, the oranges are spectacular.


I’ve never really bought colours of paints/inks individually before – I usually just use whatever is in the cheap set from “the works” that happens to be on offer when i need new paints.


Because the inks are so expensive (£5 each) I have to buy them individually, and wait betweentimes, which means I’m falling in love with each colour as I get it.


I’ve been sketching for years but I’ve never been very confident with colour. At school i was the queen of the detailed pencil sketch but I never learnt how to use oils etc. Painting skin – faces and bodies – is still a mystery to me (although no doubt a quick exploration on Youtube will yield instruction videos).


I am really, really loving the inks – they’re a nice compromise between sketching and painting, and everything comes out looking like children’s books from my youth.


Startled Chicken


Startled Chicken

Perhaps not my finest moment!
Chicken – Quink inks, with brish and dip pen




Sketch from photo, using a dip pen and Quink black ink, shaded with a fine paintbrush and the same ink, diluted.

I was frustrated none of my paintings seemed to be working out this afternoon but I managed this just before I went to bed. Despite the best effort of the cat, who loves ink and brushes.

The eagle eyed might notice I’ve signed it “bekki” which is my actual, you know, name 🙂