Modular Cat Howse

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Pencil on A3modular cat howse2



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Here is a big compilation of all the art I’ve done in the last 5 years. If you want to use any of it, or you would like something similar, then contact me .. I’m cheap 🙂

Creature Paisley

paisley creatures coloured

I’ve got a bit of a thing about paisley at the moment.. I think this would make nice wrapping paper.

Pencil sketch, scanned in and then printed out so I could colour over the top with alcohol markers.

Here’s the black and white version, if you know anyone who likes colouring..

paisley creatures bw

magic hands


Pencil and paisley! With eraser highlights.



I actually did this ages ago when i was beign presiding officer for the last election in a tiny hamlet where there were long periods where nobody came in.. you had to sit at the desk for 16 hours straight to make sure the ballot papers weren’t tampered with and I think I went a little odd.

I have been promising myself I will do more with this – process it and colour it either on the PC or with inks – but I haven’t decided on my colour scheme yet, so here it is in pencil.

Tattoo ideas

I made some tattoo ideas for my friend.. just pencil, scanned in.

sarah tattoo 3 sarah tattoo black catsarah tattoo 2

High Town Christmas Card

I’ve been away from wordpress a long time but I haven’t stopped drawing – here’s a Christmas card design – it’s looking down High Town Road in Luton. Most of the shops here were built in the 1800s.

In real life there are road traffic signs and cars parked everywhere, but what’s the point of a drawing if you can’t omit the bits you don’t like?

High Town in Luton - christmas card design

High Town in Luton – christmas card design

As always, if you want to use this, please message me to ask.

Arndale centre


Arndale centre

Continuing my “Things you might see in Luton” series.. this is the Arndale Centre, George st entrance. It opened in 1972. You won’t see it in Luton any more, because this entrance was knocked down in 2012. I wanted to record it though for its sheer brutalist concrete magnificence, and also for the many pints of cider drunk on those steps.




Continuing my series of “People you might see in Luton”.. I’ve got a bit carried away. You won’t often see a girl in a short purple dress racing to save her dreadlocked friend from a shadow. I’m not saying it never happens though.

Lila Louche


Lila Louche

Continuing my series of “people you might meet in Luton”

Meet Lila, who likes the good things in life.