Space cats

Here’s what I’ve been working on today – gel, indian ink and alcohol pens on purple card.



This gallery contains 11 photos.

Here is a big compilation of all the art I’ve done in the last 5 years. If you want to use any of it, or you would like something similar, then contact me .. I’m cheap 🙂

Free Science Fiction e-books

Patty Jansen is making some ebooks from her author contacts available free during February – the first ebook in several series is available on her blog for download through Amazon, Kindle, KOBO etc… obviously after reading and enjoying, one should return to pay for the subsequent books so that the authors don’t starve!

A really exciting opportunity to sample some great  writing.. (check out her blog for some useful authorly hints and tips too)

Thanks Patty, Kirsten, Mark, Al, Felicity and Chris!



I found this picture recently that I drew a long time ago – black biro on a pad – it’s always been one of my favourites. I think I drew it in a Power engineering lecture. I don’t remember much about bridge rectifiers but hey at least I have the robot picture!



I actually did this ages ago when i was beign presiding officer for the last election in a tiny hamlet where there were long periods where nobody came in.. you had to sit at the desk for 16 hours straight to make sure the ballot papers weren’t tampered with and I think I went a little odd.

I have been promising myself I will do more with this – process it and colour it either on the PC or with inks – but I haven’t decided on my colour scheme yet, so here it is in pencil.

Long ago comics


Hello there,

I haven’t drawn anything new this week (i have creative periods and then other times when all i want to do is curl up with a glas of wine and read).

So I thought I’d look back through my old pictures and find something interesting to share. I draw this on an old square paper pad, in biro, ten years ago while living in a rat infested one bedroom flat in London. I had the best job I’d ever had but even then London was so expensive I didn’t have much left after I got paid. I was also trying to do my teacher training at Midlands University (how did I ever think i would manage that and a full time job?)

Clearly it sent me a little loopy!

This little cartoon is also in one of my books – Miscellany of Oddities. Maybe one day I will write the rest of it!