Ghosts of birds..

I’ve been busy making these for #lutonalternativemarket..

Hello Lorraine!

little kitty fish

I just got notification that Lorraine is following my blog. Hello Lorraine! Here is a whimsical cat I drew for you xxxxx

Cthulu mermaid reading an e-book

cthulu maid

Weirdly specific drawing #30492

Whale blimp

LIttle biro sketch on notepapers, into GIMP to tidy it up and then into inkscape to vector using edge detect. I’m getting quicker at it!

whale blimp vector

Bassam Alemam

INPRNT often showcases awesome artists I had never heard of before..

I’m particularly taken by Bassam Alemam‘s pictures; he combines wit and intelligence with a gorgeous, easy, graceful style. Hilariously whimsical pictures sit uneasily side by side with disturbing, political images of war and oppression.

Blue Robot

blue robot

Quick sketch with a pilot fineliner pen, coloured in with three shades of blue alcohol pen (like copic markers, but a cheaper brand).
The pilot pen ink isn’t completely fast, but it’s not too bad.

I’ve yet to find a disposable gel/ink pen that doesn’t bleed a little when you colour over it, if anyone knows of one let me know!

Sheet music


Sheet music

I was playing about with my daughter’s keyboard and came up with this, I thought it was pretty. Could be the start of something or the backing for a song..

(Lillith makes me call everything “Tiddles’ song”, Tiddles is probably the most sung-about cat in Luton)

Christmas cards

I’ve been enjoying painting so I thought I would make some cards for my family..



Inspired (a bit) by Ghibli


growing up


lil capitalist

mermaid dress

happy world