Space cats

Here’s what I’ve been working on today – gel, indian ink and alcohol pens on purple card.

Circle cat

I was looking at the photos saved to my Google Drive and was surprised to see that I must have accidentally recorded a gif of Tiddles going round in a circle.

Anyway it made me laugh so I thought I would share it with you!

Bassam Alemam

INPRNT often showcases awesome artists I had never heard of before..

I’m particularly taken by Bassam Alemam‘s pictures; he combines wit and intelligence with a gorgeous, easy, graceful style. Hilariously whimsical pictures sit uneasily side by side with disturbing, political images of war and oppression.

Cat spat

We have a dainty black cat, she does not like the neighbour’s ginger terror at all

Friendly evolution


friendly evolution

I am sure this is not quite how it happened ..

ink, feltpen, gel pen, and retouching in GIMP

Fish eat fish


fish eat fish

Playing with the alcohol felt pens again.. this time I’ve done the outlines with a gel pen, after the ink has dried.

Christmas cards

I’ve been enjoying painting so I thought I would make some cards for my family..