New products for sale!

I’m very pleased to announce a new set of cards and sculptures for sale – if you want to buy, PayPal and use the comments to tell me what you want.

£3 each or £22 for any 10 cards inc UK postage (contact me for shipping prices)

Also leather cthulus and ghost birds- £12 each inc. UK postage.



This gallery contains 11 photos.

Here is a big compilation of all the art I’ve done in the last 5 years. If you want to use any of it, or you would like something similar, then contact me .. I’m cheap 🙂

Cthulu mermaid reading an e-book

cthulu maid

Weirdly specific drawing #30492

Whale blimp

LIttle biro sketch on notepapers, into GIMP to tidy it up and then into inkscape to vector using edge detect. I’m getting quicker at it!

whale blimp vector

elder gods

elder god

I was feeling creative yesterday – this started off as acrylic painted onto a canvas, with more detail added with inks.

This technique is working well for me – I love the textures you get with acrylic and the way you can almost mould it with a palette knife  – but I struggle with control and subtlety as the cheap acrylics I can afford tend to clump and are too bright and plasticcy – it’s very had to get any sort of natural warmth from them.

Using inks on top of the acrylics (a mixture of windsor and newton and quink) is a good way to bring a bit more depth and detali in – you can of course use a really fine brush or dip pen with the inks, and they have a better quality of colour – less “new” looking.

I may have gone a bit overboard with the gold ink, but I wanted my elder god to look shiny!



5 x 8 cover 1

I’m just setting up my Victorian adventure novella on Amazon.. here’s a preview of the front cover.

If anybody would be interested in reviewing it for me, let me know by email:
I can send over the PDF or ebook version and once your review is up on Amazon I’ll send you a signed physical copy to say Thank You!

The illustrations are by Tatjana Larina – she’s an awesome artist and takes commissions.

You can buy pieces of her art here:


Ink and coloured pencil


Ink and coloured pencil

Goth zombie water princess? Who knows 🙂 I enjoyed drawing her though

Cards made from watch parts

bird and dragonfly

bug and tree

Vicky came over and we made these..

little trees