Little paintings


I’m doing a stall at sunshine riding school’s Mayday fete – here are some little paintings I did for it..


Alcohol marker on canvas

170412 lady picture3

Tiny house on hillside

Alcohol marker on cheap canvas


170412 house picture2

Jack o’lantern, skull and bunny

bunny skull jack

I was stuck for something to draw.. so here are some items from our front room.

Blue bear

blue bear

Blue bear is happy! Where is he going? Nobody knows!


snowman blue

Once you get started drawing with these markers, they’re kindof addictive – freehand drawing of snowman in black pilot pen and generic alcohol markers

Blue bird


Simple little freehand bird drawing, with alcohol marker

Blue ..

blue lady

Blue Robot

blue robot

Quick sketch with a pilot fineliner pen, coloured in with three shades of blue alcohol pen (like copic markers, but a cheaper brand).
The pilot pen ink isn’t completely fast, but it’s not too bad.

I’ve yet to find a disposable gel/ink pen that doesn’t bleed a little when you colour over it, if anyone knows of one let me know!

Nice couple


Nice couple

Still playing with a graphic novel/comic style.. number two in my series of “peope you might meet in Luton”

Pencil, scanned and touched up, printed and coloured with alcohol felt pens.