Sharpie inkscape

I thought I’d post this before I ruined it by trying to colour it with inks 🙂


I think it might become a flyer or an album cover 🙂

170405 bw dreamsketch2

Circle cat

I was looking at the photos saved to my Google Drive and was surprised to see that I must have accidentally recorded a gif of Tiddles going round in a circle.

Anyway it made me laugh so I thought I would share it with you!

Cat spat

We have a dainty black cat, she does not like the neighbour’s ginger terror at all

Blue ..

blue lady

Cat and butterfly


cat butterfly

Quick ink sketch – this is our cat Tiddles, although I’ve slightly overemphasized her chubbiness.




Sketch from photo, using a dip pen and Quink black ink, shaded with a fine paintbrush and the same ink, diluted.

I was frustrated none of my paintings seemed to be working out this afternoon but I managed this just before I went to bed. Despite the best effort of the cat, who loves ink and brushes.

The eagle eyed might notice I’ve signed it “bekki” which is my actual, you know, name 🙂

Thank you

Just a little note to say thank you to everyone who “Liked” or started following my blog recently  – I’m glad you like my little drawings.


Here is a blurry picture of my cat wearing earmuffs (it’s cold outside) x

tiddles earmuffs