Freebies skeleton trees

skeleton tree cardskeleton tree card inside

Last week I passed 200 followers, which is lovely, since I don’t post that often. Thank you everyone. I also got delivery of these little note cards featuring my skeleton trees.

So to celebrate, if you leave a comment here or email me at, I’ll send out a pack of notecards and postcards to the first 5 people 🙂

girl card 1    goat postcard front ravenpostcardfront1

political Christmas card

Our local MP’s office saw my blog and asked me to design a Christmas card. It got printed and sent out to all the other MPs and local businesses. They didn’t offer to pay… (because he is a socialist?) but that’s OK. It was a pretty cool thing to do. Here’s the picture.. it’s Market Hill in Luton town centre. You can see the court building, and the little white building in the middle is one of our favourite pubs, the Castle, which has metal bands. You can also see the dental studio where I had the horrific experience that inspired this song...

market hill watercolour 3

Here’s the card (he sent me one)  – see the little House of Commons portcullis logo? 😀

gavin shinsideuker christmas card gavin shuker christmas card


snowman blue

Once you get started drawing with these markers, they’re kindof addictive – freehand drawing of snowman in black pilot pen and generic alcohol markers

High Town Christmas Card

I’ve been away from wordpress a long time but I haven’t stopped drawing – here’s a Christmas card design – it’s looking down High Town Road in Luton. Most of the shops here were built in the 1800s.

In real life there are road traffic signs and cars parked everywhere, but what’s the point of a drawing if you can’t omit the bits you don’t like?

High Town in Luton - christmas card design

High Town in Luton – christmas card design

As always, if you want to use this, please message me to ask.




Acrylic on card. When I did this I only had the two tubes of paint and nothing to paint on so i used the back of an old note pad!

More little ink sketchs

I’ve been off sick and unable to concentrate on anything much. Little sketches are easy though!


I love my poor stupid chicken design.


I think I will turn these into cards..



more ink sketches from last night


Startled Chicken


Startled Chicken

Perhaps not my finest moment!
Chicken – Quink inks, with brish and dip pen




Rather less accomplished – puddleduck, inks on cheap watercolour paper. Spot the gold ink!

Even more little cards

Lst lot for today.. you can see I have a problem with the black smudging..

The horse is inspired by James Baxter 🙂




cat and mouse