Colouring book..

Darrel Inns and I are putting together a colouring book by local artists – here are a couple of the panels I designed..

We are still accepting submissions.. to

New Christmas cards..


I’ve got some new cards available to buy… £2.50 each 🙂 Market Hill  and High Town in Luton, and a small girl with decapitated bear x


Alternative Markets

..A couple of weeks ago we went to the Northampton Alternative Bring and Buy market,. which was brilliant. I sold a lot of art, and I came home with some amazing little beasts from Spooky Doof creations and Pins and Needles

Here are a few of the bits I sold..


Anyway it went so well and was so much fun that we decided to do our own version in Luton on 3rd December.. still a couple of stalls available..


luton alternative market - Edited

More gigs!

We had an amazing time playing High Town Festival – so many people and friends and great sets from iiseefourfingers, the collective, the reavers and the knockouts. We also got to see Pixie Styx and The Mouse Assassins too. Loving the Jeremy Corbyn cupcakes!

high town festivaL 2017

Our next gig is on Friday 4th August at LutonAid which is one of the high points of the Luton music calendar with loads of established and new bands – this year ROGUE is headlining on Saturday in a much-anticipated gig after a hiatus of several years. EasyDread and The Baracutas headline on the Friday with fast reggae and ska.

On Sept 2nd we’re looking forward to playing Houghton Rocks festival again and on 8th Oct we’ll be returning to We Shall Overcome at the George II.lutonaid 2017

Ludoviko Techniko

 4 songs I’ve done recently seem to work together – they’re crunchy with guitars and synth.
I’ve thought of a name and bought a website for them; here is my concept art, hopefully I will have put the website up within the next few days. Yay!

sushi death org grnrobot alone org grnOne Angry Eye org grn

jake the cat org grnfunky robot orng grncrunchy joe org grn

little robot 2 org grnlittle banner org grnlittle robot 1 gorg grn

putini ballet

This is just me and Rache messing around in the cabin..  I’m not sure it’s in the best taste to write a song about civil war (in which I am not taking sides!) and the mysteriously brutal elimination of political opponents, but I suppose I’m just taking advantage of the freedom to do so. Long may it last! And stay away from the sushi.

Funky robot

So I had some time off work and I should have been doing a lot of things, but what I have been mainly doing is turning my shed into a recording studio.

This robot has a brain and it’s classified insane
It is plugged into the internet downloading everything
It can see your location on google maps
its researching sex through your dating apps
its coordinating thousands of unmanned drones
it can get into your xbox and your car and your phone
we’re screwed
and theres nothing else to do
except do the funky robot

This robot couldn’t hope to pass the turing test
And yet it’s strangely fascinated watching peopel get undressed
It has fingers in the cloud and in the cctv
And it datamines facebook for your personality
When you go shopping it knows what you buy
it’s got a million billion diodes clicking wondeing why

Do the funky robot.

Using a friends 80s drum machine, my guitar with a vox amp, and Audacity free sequencing software for the PC.

Crusty girl

Little biro sketch, tidied in GIMP, vectorised using edge detect in inkscape.

crusty girl

Attack of the Alien Space Robots

Thinking about PDM made me remember a film some friends of ours made years ago.They live in deepest darkest Wales and had use of a garage and some welding equipment. In between drinking a lot and pranking each other they spent a year creating this amazing 10 minute film… (opens to Vimeo)


They let us (The Adenoids)  write the intro and outro music, which makes it especially close to my heart. Enjoy!