Ampthill sunset

silver birch trio white

Another picture from my walk in the snow yesterday.

I’d like to say I designed it like this to show time passing and the air becoming chill as I walked slowly up the hill, paused, and waited for the sun to set before walking back. But you know I just tinkered with it because I thought it looked boring without the split.

This is just a photo, with some editing in GIMP… I have a plan to recreate something similar as a sort of stained glass window – maybe I can vectorise the trees and print them out and then use a scalpel to cut them out of black paper to get around the fact I have never been able to draw them convincingly – there’s just a natural flow and energy to the branches that I can’t replicate with a pencil,

Here’s the picture I took it from. Nature is rather more beautiful on its own than my efforts.

silver birch photo


political Christmas card

Our local MP’s office saw my blog and asked me to design a Christmas card. It got printed and sent out to all the other MPs and local businesses. They didn’t offer to pay… (because he is a socialist?) but that’s OK. It was a pretty cool thing to do. Here’s the picture.. it’s Market Hill in Luton town centre. You can see the court building, and the little white building in the middle is one of our favourite pubs, the Castle, which has metal bands. You can also see the dental studio where I had the horrific experience that inspired this song...

market hill watercolour 3

Here’s the card (he sent me one)  – see the little House of Commons portcullis logo? 😀

gavin shinsideuker christmas card gavin shuker christmas card

Skeleton trees


I went for a walk today in Ampthill and found some trees.. Silver birches are so beautiful.