Hello Lorraine!

little kitty fish

I just got notification that Lorraine is following my blog. Hello Lorraine! Here is a whimsical cat I drew for you xxxxx


Cthulu mermaid reading an e-book

cthulu maid

Weirdly specific drawing #30492

Blue Robot

blue robot

Quick sketch with a pilot fineliner pen, coloured in with three shades of blue alcohol pen (like copic markers, but a cheaper brand).
The pilot pen ink isn’t completely fast, but it’s not too bad.

I’ve yet to find a disposable gel/ink pen that doesn’t bleed a little when you colour over it, if anyone knows of one let me know!

Christmas cards

I’ve been enjoying painting so I thought I would make some cards for my family..



A little book of Whimsy

Our friend Chris has opened a shop in High Town selling art and music from local artists.

I was inspired to do a little comic thing to sell there.

Here is the artwork so you can print your own – print them double sided and cut them out to make a little A6 comic..

whimsy vol 1 title

A ittle book of whimsy, volume 2, sheet 1 A ittle book of whimsy, volume 2, sheet 1[/caption]

whimsy vol 1 sht 3

whimsy vol 1 sheet 2

whimsy vol 1 sheet 4