Postcard freebies

Thanks to Lauren, Jo and David for your emails, I will be sending your postcard packs out to you this weekend!

I’ve added a purchase option to the side bar of this blog in case anybody else would like some, it’s £5 for 12 postcards in the UK, and a bit extra for postage to Europe and the US.



Thank you to everyone who clicked “follow” on my little blog!

To celebrate, (and to celebrate the arrival of the postcards hot off the press from the printer’s this morning), I’m going to send a pack of ten postcards (any design or mix of designs) to the first three people who email me at




girl card 1girlcard2

goat postcard backgoat postcard front

Thankyou! xxx

New postcard designs

I haven’t sent these off to be made yet, but what do you think?

girl card 1




Last lot of little pictures

I’ve just scanned in the most recent page of little pictures.. hope you like them!

That might be me all painted out for a couple of weeks now 🙂