Town Hall(s)


Town Hall(s)

Things you might see in Luton:
If, whilst passing the current, imposing marble town hall with the verdigris roof and tasteful neon blue glowing clock, you happened to see a hooded figure with the power to open portals into the past.. you might be priviledged to watch the gentle townsfolk of Luton burning down their old town hall on 19th July 1919, to celebrate “Peace Day”. (Or rather, to protest against the apalling living standards returning soldiers and their families were subjected to)

Not satisfied with burning down the hall and chasing the cowardly councillors, some enterprising soul dragged a piano into the street and played “keep the home fires burning”.

You can say what you like about Luton folk, but they certainly have a sense of humour.

When the town hall was rebuild 20 years later, they made it out of stone.