Busy art month!

On the August bank holiday I had a little art stall at Sunshine Riding School and sold some of my pictures .. Enthused by this I got my inks out, which had been in the loft. And painted, and painted, and painted.


Not sure what to do with all these, now! Stall at Hitchin market? Etsy shop? hm.


Shrunken zombie heads and magic mushrooms


shrunken head 1

shrunken head 3

shrunken head 2


Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet this week – I was working on these, but didn’t want to post anything until they were finished.




Ink and acrylic – following my time honoured technique of “if you can’t think of anything to draw, make some splodges and draw over them with gel pen, the shapes are bound to suggest something to you.”




Acrylic on card. When I did this I only had the two tubes of paint and nothing to paint on so i used the back of an old note pad!