New products for sale!

I’m very pleased to announce a new set of cards and sculptures for sale – if you want to buy, PayPal and use the comments to tell me what you want.

£3 each or £22 for any 10 cards inc UK postage (contact me for shipping prices)

Also leather cthulus and ghost birds- £12 each inc. UK postage.

Colouring book..

Darrel Inns and I are putting together a colouring book by local artists – here are a couple of the panels I designed..

We are still accepting submissions.. to

Shop 33

This is a little plug for our independent local art shop


Shop 33 sits in the “bohemian” quarter of Luton, in a narrow Victorian building.

It’s lovingly curated by Anthony and Chelsea –  the most eclectic collection of paintings, cards, music, models, books, soft furnishings and hats.

Everything is made by local artists. Some evenings when you pop in they’re having vinyl parties or poetry readings or accoustic acts. Other times they’re just chatting with whoever has dropped in.

Luton’s not generally known for being the nicest place to live. Half of the residents would headbutt you as soon as look at you.  I can’t tell you how lovely it is to have somewhere friendly and arty to sell our creative dabblings.




The lovely Anthony sharing a moment with local artist and grungy noise merchant Chris Flexy



All the pretties 🙂 (some of which you can buy online)