More little pictures!

more pictures for the fete at Sunshine on Monday!

I’ll be selling these for £15 each (They’re about A6 size, canvas board, unframed) if you want any email

Doggy bag

doggy bag

Craft project for my Grandma, who has a golden retriever.
You can get the plain shopping bags in bulk.
I’ve used a pilot pen to draw the outlines and the letters, and the alcohol markers (which I am assured are permanent on fabric) for the colours. You have ot be careful it doesn’t bleed into the fabric.
The collar is a strip of sequins stitched on with black thread.
I’ve got lots of ideas now for other projects involving the alcohol markers on fabric, combined with stitching and decoration.

More little cards


I drew these with idea of adding gold leaf to them as highlights – but gold leaf is a lot harder to use than I expected! I was expecting it to rub on like letraset but you need to glue it on and it’s so fragile .. I can’t imagine being able to neatly draw starts etc at this scale. I’ve bought some gold ink instead but it hasn’t arrived yet!


dancing dog

cathedral cat


cat cards


I’ve been making little ink sketches for cards for my family.. (Why does everyone have birthdays in February?!)


dog card1

cat card 5

cat card 4

cat card 3

cat card 2