Little handstitched notebooks..

Ready for #lutonalternativemarket on Sunday 25th Feb at the George II..

Alternative Markets

..A couple of weeks ago we went to the Northampton Alternative Bring and Buy market,. which was brilliant. I sold a lot of art, and I came home with some amazing little beasts from Spooky Doof creations and Pins and Needles

Here are a few of the bits I sold..


Anyway it went so well and was so much fun that we decided to do our own version in Luton on 3rd December.. still a couple of stalls available..


luton alternative market - Edited

Running girl


Running girl

I’m toying with an idea for a graphic novel. It would be based in Luton.
I’ve sketched out one of the characters (the street is from bury park near the football ground)

My current technique is to sketch in pencil, scan in, whack the threshold up so the lines are black, and print out so I can experiment with different ways of colouring using the alcohol pens.

This is looking a bit more fluid and comic-y than trying to go over everything in ink..