Papier Mache masks

Based on a cardboard box, deconstructed and reformed into the right shape with gaffa tape, then strips of newspaper and PVA glue to make a strong, plastic finish. Takes about a day and costs very little!



Attack of the Alien Space Robots

Thinking about PDM made me remember a film some friends of ours made years ago.They live in deepest darkest Wales and had use of a garage and some welding equipment. In between drinking a lot and pranking each other they spent a year creating this amazing 10 minute film… (opens to Vimeo)


They let us (The Adenoids)  write the intro and outro music, which makes it especially close to my heart. Enjoy!




Ink and biro again.
This is just a doodle really. I like to make a wash and swish the ink around in it and then when it has dried I see what it suggests to me and draw it on in biro. I use coloured pencils and inks to colour the people. It reminds me of cloth covered hardback story books from the 40s and 50s I had when I was a child, inherited from my Dad. There was a different, faded quality to the ink in those books and the printing wasn’t very sophisticated, so only the main characters got their own colours and the backgrounds were quite clumsy.

Ink and biro


Ink and biro

I love the red ink, it just pops. I am going to paint everything this colour red.

Ink drawings

Today I have been busy drawing.
These use Windsor and Newton inks (the same set my mum bought me when I was 16 actually, that’s why I’ve only got 3 colours left), a rotring disposable black pen, on cheap watercolour paper.

alien explosion


dragon 2013

fishfood stadium

green dancer

Long way home



underwater ballet