Tiny house on hillside

Alcohol marker on cheap canvas


170412 house picture2


Sharpie inkscape

I thought I’d post this before I ruined it by trying to colour it with inks 🙂


I think it might become a flyer or an album cover 🙂

170405 bw dreamsketch2

Modular Cat Howse

Inspired by http://www.openstructures.net/

Pencil on A3modular cat howse2

Papier Mache masks

Based on a cardboard box, deconstructed and reformed into the right shape with gaffa tape, then strips of newspaper and PVA glue to make a strong, plastic finish. Takes about a day and costs very little!


New pictures

Art deco inspired horse, and paisley colouring pattern – both in biro and sharpie on white card. Colours in alcohol pen.

rainbow horsepaisley bird



This gallery contains 11 photos.

Here is a big compilation of all the art I’ve done in the last 5 years. If you want to use any of it, or you would like something similar, then contact me .. I’m cheap 🙂


I habe been fascinated with the old ladies who remained near Chenobyl when everyone else left and lived these independent lives in the wilderness doing everything themselves. Looking at the source pictures their faces  are so weathered and strong and determined, their bodies sturdy under no-nonsense dresses.


Painting again

I suddenly had the urge to paint again after several months – I’m a bit rusty and can spot several flaws with this, but overall I like it!


New Blog

Hello – I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much..

I have a new blog about my current obsession (permaculture) here:


If anyone would like to add me I’d be really grateful!


Here are some drawings I did over Christmas – hopefully I’ll do some more soon..