The Curious Emporium

Miss Abigail,  upon a time, lived lightly in the world.

She made her way as best she could

Dancing behind her eyes,

a fire, inspired by the elder gods.

And when she became older,  stronger, and wiser,

she chased down her dream,

and holding it between her two soft hands,

breathed her heart into it,

until it was real.


I’ve watched my friend pour her every waking minute into this shop for a year; sourcing the best incenses, the most sacred art. I’ve watched her discard in frustration numerous items that didn’t come up to scratch. She’s assembled piece by piece the shop that she would like to have found, but didn’t exist. I’ve watched her man her stall through long afternoons, explaining her products patiently and with joy. Now she’s looking for friends on the internet to enjoy the beautiful things she’s found.

Please share the link and bookmark it. If there’s something you’d like to see, but don’t, then email her and she’ll do her best to chase it down for you. If you like what she’s doing but don’t want to buy anything right now then send your regards. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of businesses I know that were started out of pure love. This is one of them.


(PS, I’m not on commission, I just really like her shop!)


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