octopus purple TIDY

I drew this with a dip pen and purple ink, and coloured it with a wash and drops of turquoise.

I had to tidy this up a lot in GIMP because of the ink bleeding into the paper though – I think this cheap watercolour paper is a false economy! Next payday i shall be visiting a proper art shop.

9 thoughts on “Octopus

      • Good quality watercolour paper seems to be key (I don’t have any yet, I use cheap stuff from a discount shop, and have to post process in GIMP to remove the bleeding)
        For the nice marbling effect, make a wash of clear water on the paper in the area you want to colour, then just quickly drop a speck of ink in from the brush and it will spread out and interact with any other colours…
        You can make some nice pictures with the ink from fountain pen cartridges, you don’t need to buy a fancy kit!

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      • Oh wow, cool! Thanks for the great tips 😀 I’ve never really done watercolor painting, but it looks really fun and beautiful. I’ll have to try it soon and post the results!


      • It is really rewarding!

        Oh.. I also use a cheap dip pen like the one below (I got mine from an art shop, I can’t vouch for that supplier) so you can do the outlines in any colour. Bottles of different colours are about £4-£5 each on Amazon but you can find them cheaper.

        If you buy “indian ink” specifically for the black outlines, it won’t smudge if you put water on it once it’s dry. So you can draw the outlines, wait half an hour, then colour them in.

        I’ll keep watching your journal for the results 🙂


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