More little ink sketchs

I’ve been off sick and unable to concentrate on anything much. Little sketches are easy though!


I love my poor stupid chicken design.


I think I will turn these into cards..




4 thoughts on “More little ink sketchs

    • I think i must mostly be thinking about cats and chickens then!

      I have just visited your site – I love your art! I particularly like the mushroom and the elephnat tea set. What do you use – gouache andpencils? I can’t quite make it out.


      • thanks for dropping by! i’m using felt tip pens and ink on arches paper and do a wash on them. the colors are quite limited though and mixing them can be tricky. It can turn out to be too dark or lighter.


      • They are beautiful – really unusual. There’s a quality of colour there I really like – it’s warm, like fabric.
        I will aspire to use Arches paper! When I get better my perhaps pictures will deserve it. At the moment I use the cheap paper but then I have to be careful about it bleeding.


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