I’ve been cycling to work a lot recently. You notice potholes a lot more when you cycle. Since cars like you to ride as far to the left as possible and that is where the potholes exist that bounce you violently in unpredictable directions. Rural cycling is fraught with dangers.

There was a conversation on the Guardian about how good it would be if there was an android app where you could conveniently report potholes while you were going along, and apprently there isn’t one, so..

I had a go at making an app on appsbar.com, managed to quickly set up a form to report the general area and the size, to go back to an email address where I can do something in VBa (don’t laugh I can’t program!) to sort out the replies and email them out to the councils. Quickly got frustrated that there aren’t options to do fancy GPS stuff, but I am too lazy to learn how to do them properly. Maybe they will email me back with advice! What a good service, though.

There is an option to make apps which give people access to your ebooks so i might work on that later!


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