Poem – Karma

A couple of weeks ago,
Abi and I and Anna and Steve
Were walking back along the underpass.
There was a man, pushing his girlfriend against the wall.
“That’s awful,” we said, and went to walk past.
A few metres on I turned on my heel
And went back.
And the man shouted at me, and he waved his fist
and he called me an interfering cow,
But he stopped hitting his girlfriend,
And she stopped crying
And he apologised to her
And we went off.
And I was glad to have my friends behind me,
So that I had the confidence to step forward and help,
Because many times I am too frightened, and I hate that I walk past
Looking at my feet.

This weekend
A male friend of mine, a skinhead
Rescued a girl from a man who was kicking her on the ground.
The man called the armed police
Who kept my friend with his face pressed to the floor for twenty minutes
Until they finished interviewing the girl
Later she got a text message:
“Sorry luv”
And went back to the bloke anyway.
Sometimes Karma doesn’t work the way it should.

I sometimes wonder why these women
Go back
I guess they don’t realise there’s a choice.

If I had one wish today
It would be that every woman in the world
Felt confident to be alone.


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