Poem inspired by night out at a rock club in wolverhampton with five female friends..

Sad girl in taxi, on your way home.

Sad girl in taxi –

What have you done?

Where has your camera gone?

Where has it gone?

That’s not your jacket you have got on.

Is there sick in your bag? Let’s look and see.

Sad girl,



In taxi.


Whiskey murder


Sours and rum.

Why did you do it?

What have you done?

No knickers no knickers o where have you gone?

How much younger?

HOW much younger?

Two years younger –

Than your son?!

Come here my dear,

Write my number on you

The pencil is broken

A lipstick will do.

A man dressed in orange

and boring to tears

A man hawking lamps, nail clippers, big ears.

Surrounded by faces and traces and leers.

Stinking of booze

Which one to choose?

At this point in the night they have nothing to lose.

Sitting in piss, outside on the floor

Are you a carpenter? Are you sure?

Make me a chair, or I’ll show you the door.

Balloons in the bath

And a locked bathroom door.

Sad girl in taxi

Kebab on the floor.


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