The Adenoids – the best band you never heard of

While I’m beavering away trying to get book number 3 ready for publication (spotting errant apostrophes, trying to figure out why exactly I added so many supporting characters who aren’t doing anything, and removing phrases like “she looked at him through the corners of her eyes” and “he descended down into the hole”) ..

..Have a quality listening experience courtesy of myself and my dear band of urchins: Steve, Krayg, Trixylix, Loopy and Katy Adenoid.
If you email letting us know you found the band through my blog, we’ll send you the CD at cost (about £2.50) or a free download of the album.

Punk’s not dead, it just smells awful and doesn’t get about as much as it used to.

EDIT: Probably not really suitable for minors. Email a disclaimer saying you’re over 18 / your parents are deaf / you’ve already been corrupted by American TV and there’s nothing else we can teach you.


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