Different self publishing websites.

I was first directed to Smashwords from an article in the Guardian, and when I’d finished editing Tauran, I put it up there straight away. The benefit is that you can start selling straight away (I sold a couple of copies that same day) and it produces copies in formats for Kindle, Palm, Epub, PDF etc which you can download. They also give you a free ISBN number. I remembera few years ago when I looked at self publishing these books, the ISBN number was a real problem; things are so much easier now.

The site was friendly and easy to use. The only problem is that if you want to join the Kindle Publishing “Select” promotion, which looks really good (Kindle give your book out for free to people for a limited amount of time, but you still get paid), you have to have not had your e-book out on any other website. Oops! Lucky I have another book in the pipeline. I experimented with loading it direct to the KDP website myself, and it was pretty easy; it only took an hour or so to accommodate the extra formatting requirements.

Setting up the formatting for the book for the different E-book and print sites is a task in itself, on which more later. I found Karen Inglis’ blog helpful, although being adult fiction, mine required much less typesetting.

Following a link from Karen’s blog, I also formatted and submitted my book to Createspace, I’m just about to order my print copies for proof, I am so excited! I’ll put a picture up when they come.


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